Reasons you should never travel without health insurance

Are you one of the adventurers who are passionate about seeing the world? Do you always plan everything about the activities, flights and accommodation at your destination? If your answer is yes, and you care about preparing everything so that your trip has no problems, travel insurance should never be lacking in your preparations, and here we will […]

5 Myths the Black Community Has About Life Insurance

Financial planner Delvin Joyce has worked hard to dispel myths that the Black community holds about life insurance. The founder and president of Prosperity Wealth Group in Charlotte, N.C., regularly helps members of his local community get coverage. Here are the biggest misconceptions he encounters from his Black clients.  1. Life insurance is only for […]

Insurance Policies for Home, Recreation, Travel & More

We’ve all got plans for the holidays and winter season: trips to take, winter activities to try, and the everyday to-do lists that don’t stop just because the cold weather has arrived. But difficult conditions have a way of causing plans to go awry or causing damage that we just didn’t expect. Here are some […]